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About DBI


BIAB Holdings (BIAB) was started by entrepreneurs Paul Neelin and Diane Hope, back in November 2017. After months of research, we were challenged on why we could not purchase a premium spirit, in a bulk style bag similar to what the wine industry had been retailing for years. We saw a market niche that had a void; we were challenged to create a series of premium spirits as a bulk sale at a competitive price. We also wanted to keep the branding simple, a name that would be easy to remember for all age groups, and we ultimately decided on “Booze in a Bag™.


The market never had a direct spirit in a disposable stand-up pouch before. Working with our select suppliers, they developed a pouch with an inner barrier so that 40% / 80 Proof alcohol would not eat through the pouch from the inside out. After several months of testing, we had the perfect 1.75 Liter 1.0L and 3.0 Liter pouches ready for the market.


We toured several US distilleries testing all kinds of spirits and narrowed it down to our top three. We now provide a premium quality in all of our Spirit offerings that include Vodka, Rye Whiskey, Rum, Gin and Tequila, all served in a 1.75 and 1.0L eco-friendly convenient, disposable pouch.


Being a diverse company, we are adding 3.0 Liter “Ready to Drink” (RTD) cocktails that will include Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan and Vodka Lemonade. With a second RTD addition, we will be developing “Booze in a Bucket” that will retail 200ml RTD slim cans as a retail item with the collector bucket.


From the onset, our Premium Spirits were specifically developed with a demand for quality, being extremely convenient, and with a competitive price. We strive on a price point that would challenge the more expensive and established brands.


Additional benefits of DBI is the bags are made from recycled raw materials. In certain North American regions, the actual (Eco-Flex Bag with tap) can be returned for a refund; please check your area for potential refunds.

Shipping weights are decreased as we are a lot lighter than glass, and we also can fit more volume per truck shipment due to the packaging of DBI Eco-Friendly Flex Bags. It is estimated to be 35% less expensive than a traditional bottled spirits shipment with the added value of a greener footprint.

Mission Statement

Product Mission: To produce, distribute & sell the finest quality Premium Spirits with a continued commitment to incorporating quality ingredients, while promoting business practices that reflect the environment.

Economic Mission: To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis while being competitive and dedicated, while working with our suppliers and distributors in a global marketplace.

Social Mission: To manage the Company in a way that actively recognizes our core values that BIAB plays in society, by developing innovative strategies and concepts to improve the quality of life locally, nationally & internationally.

Vision Statement

Here at DBI our vision is to offer a premium product that is convenient and priced accurately in the markets we serve. We want to offer consumers a viable alternative to what has been in the past, such as standard products, in standard packaging. With our employees, suppliers, and distributor’s assistance, we will grow DBI into a global brand that is recognized as a household name.